photoCred: Greg Lum @ UCD


UCR hosted AACF United this year, with over 300 people coming from over 12 campuses! It was a huge task for our Inreach team: not only were we hosting the event on our campus, but we also opened up our homes to house students from UC Davis, SF State, San Jose State, UC Santa Cruz, and UW.  The event was on Saturday, Feb 7th, but people stayed until Sunday afternoon.

It was pretty hectic the day of. Two cars got towed in the housing community, and one of the Santa Cruz cars broke down coming from Norcal. Despite these unforeseen setbacks, God definitely showed his mercy and power to us during this fun but stressful time. A lot of the bonding between schools happens outside of the actual United event. People from different campuses got to form friendships with each other over meals and through hanging out in Redington. It was pretty sad when everyone started leaving, but this will be one of the highlights of the year!



Our amazing inreach team (Photocred: Linda Lui @ UCr)


A Panoramic that doesn’t do justice (Photocred: @ Karen Freese @ ucr)
SFSU on the way down (Photocred: shelly nguy @ sfsu)
Kevin li @ UW with Dylan hirata @ long Beach
Kelly lock @ uw with Yiqian ding @ UCI